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Become a Founding Member of the Xponential EntrepreneurS Club TODAY And You'll Receive...
Become an Xponential Entrepreneur
Join the XE Club TODAY for $4997 Per Year 
Direct Access to Kevin as Your Virtual Mentor
Priceless! Only Available as an XE Club Member
You’ll be able to ask Kevin and the team your questions directly and get a personal answer from him. This will often take place during one of the monthly LIVE Mentorship and Coaching calls hosted by the XE Team.
Monthly LIVE Mentorship Coaching Calls
 A $10,000 Monthly Value
As an XE Club member, you’ll get access to our monthly group mentorship calls. Here you can get answers to questions, advice when you need it most, and training that will illustrate the roadmap to grow your business from Kevin and the XE team. You’ll also gain encouragement and feedback from a community of like-minded, high-achieving entrepreneurs and business owners just like you! 

FREE Ticket to the LIVE
XE Accelerator Event in Sunny Florida
($1,997 Value)
This live in-person mastermind-style event will take place in St. Petersburg, Florida on September 23 and 24, 2019. You’ll meet fellow XE’s from across the country and get in-depth training from Kevin and XE Mentors Mark Timm, Brian Harrington, and the great Tom Ziglar.  (This Bonus is ONLY available to Founding Members!)
Access to the Xponential Team & Personalized Feedback from the XE "Inner Circle" of Coaches
($1997 Monthly Value) 
As a member of the XE Club, you will receive full access to the Xponential team, mentors, and coaches.

This includes the option to go deep and get personalized feedback and accountability during LIVE and EXCLUSIVE group coaching calls with our XE Mentors and coaches. 

VIP Access To Events
and Opportunities to Pitch Kevin And the Xponential Team
(Priceless - Special Access Granted to XE Members that others cannot get!)
Yes, you read that right! We would love to hear your pitch and learn about your ideas!


The XE Club is destined to become an incubator for the movers and shakers of tomorrow…the "next generation" of sharks.

And who knows… right now YOU could be sitting on the brilliant idea, that with the right mentorship, guidance, and partnership could be turned into a multi-million dollar business!
An Instant Network of Fellow Xponential Entrepreneurs inside the Private XE Community
($997 Value) 
You will be joining a club of serious, like-minded people who are on the exact same journey you are who can often recognize and help with your struggles… far better than an expert who may have forgotten what it was like to be "in-the-game."

The XE Team continuously strives to foster a networking environment, where you can quickly and easily find good people to work with. People who compliment your skills so you can all accelerate your success!
The Complete XE ELITE
Training Suite
($997 Value)
Get FULL Access to XE content including Kevin's books complete courses and other exclusive members-only resources where you can sharpen your skills and always be prepared to face the next entrepreneurial challenge!
Become an Xponential Entrepreneur
Join the XE Club TODAY for $4997 Per Year  
 PLUS - You'll Receive These Exclusive Bonuses...
Building Your "Dream Team" Video Training
($297 Value) 
When the right people are surrounding you, the possibilities and opportunities are endless! But WHERE and HOW do you FIND the right people? In this exclusive video training, Kevin will walk you through the exact process you can use to build your ideal dream team.
The KPI Roadmap & Video Training
($297 Value)
This is your step-by-step guide for becoming a Key Person of Influence in your industry. Learn the EXACT steps you need to take to quickly and easily build your network, curate your dream team, and elevate your professional profile with strategic intention.
Become an Xponential Entrepreneur
Join the XE Club TODAY for $4997 Per Year 
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